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Paint a Vancouver Island Sunset

Paint this Vancouver Island BC Canada Sunset. Photo by Tanya Kucey

Let’s Paint Sunset at the Beach 

One of things people visiting Vancouver Island love the most is the ocean and beautiful sunsets. There’s something so relaxing yet emotionally charged about them.  I think this is why sunset paintings are always so popular.

I find that when I’m having a challenging time, there’s often a sense of comfort and a calming down of my nervous system when I sit down to paint.  Plus always a bit of a serotonin – confidence boost when you create something you love!

This is an experience I’d love for you too. So I decided to film the process of this painting and make a tutorial you can follow along with. You don’t need anything fancy and in fact, can just have fun recreating the scene with any art supplies.

The point of this is to let go of making something ‘perfect’ and enjoy the process instead.

So join me for a cozy afternoon, creating a pretty watercolour painting in this full length tutorial, which shows you all all the steps so along the way.

This is all about taking the pressure off – being perfectly imperfect and having fun. Our focus will be on the process and not about being precise in the colour or lines. You don’t even have to stick to watercolors! 

It’s all about having fun and enjoying the beautiful view from my local beach on Vancouver Island.

I’ve added the photo I used to the bottom of this post and you an click the youtube vid to watch along.

This was lots of fun, and I hope you have a great time painting on your own, with your friends or kiddos

Please let me know how you enjoyed it in the comments. 🙂


ps:  The art supplies I used include Kuretaki Gansai Art Nouveau watercolour set.
Plus Windsor & Newton’s Paynes Grey and Daniel Smith’s lavender blue.

Paint this Vancouver Island BC Canada Sunset. Photo by Tanya Kucey

Wondering how you ended up on an artist’s website to read about supporting your mental and emotional health? 

Well hey – I’m Tanya!  I’m an intuitive artist helping you to feel relaxed and at peace with my paintings created with intention to calm your nervous system. I love to share my art and also give you information and resources to truly help you help yourself and live a better life.

2 thoughts on “Paint a Vancouver Island Sunset”

  1. that was wonderful to watch. i am not very talented but i do enjoy seeing how people can just create a wonderful feeling and put it on canvas. i am always watching tv shows like portrait artist of the year and landscape ones and you are as talented as they are. thank you for sharing this with us.

    1. Hey Glenda, thanks for watching and taking the time to comment. The whole point of this tutorial is to inspire you to create something. Plus give you the space to play around without any judgement. What you make and how you make it is art – its you putting time and energy and emotion into something. And thats the talent, taking to chance to just play. No “artsy talent” required! Hope you get a moment to try it out and have fun.

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