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Your Body is Beautiful

Spiritual Art by Tanya Kucey - Body Confidence Light Codes by Archangel Raphael

If you are having a challenge with accepting your body as it is in this moment. You can look upon this art piece channeled with the Angelic Beings. In particular Raphael, the Archangel of Healing. 

These light codes emit the energy of acceptance, love and healing. To bring you a sense of support and then confidence.

And to understand that you not simply your physical body. Your spirit and your body are one. Together you are a beautiful being of light.

These codes are available as a print with hand embellished metallic accents for sparkle and shine.


And now a fun inner child poem  🌈😆

Your body is beautiful. Your body is strong.
Your body is the vehicle who carries you along

She is your friend. Your partner. Your ally.
Accepting you always, you don’t have to try.

But yet, we are human. We fight and we push.
We expect ourselves to be like those from a book.

So when you are feeling the negative thoughts.
When you can’t look in the mirror without being fraught.

These codes come forward to heal and support you.
From Archangel Raphael, and the angelic healing crew.

How can you be confident about your body in a time when so much of our focus is on the external?

In this video, Archangel Raphael shares his wisdom on the subject. He brings forward some specific methods to use and helps us to know we are always supported and loved. And most importantly, that we have the inner wisdom to love and help ourselves. 

2 thoughts on “Your Body is Beautiful”

  1. Hi Tanya,
    I’ve been very sick lately and it’s extremely difficult to remember my lighbringer roots right now. Thank you for your beautiful art and energetic healing videos. I found you on YouTube searcing Antarian Healing. I love your painting with the golden mountain ranges, and of course these intense healing images and light codes. Keep doing your work friend, because people ARE LISTENING!!! 😊 It’s hard sometimes, I know. I feel surrounded by “NPCs” or “Agent Smiths” as they call them now, and it can be difficult to remain on task. I chose chronic illnesses in my Terran body, and sometimes I regret those choices quite a bit. I love finding like minded souls like yourself. It helps me get by for another day, until my path becomes more clear. I’m writing you from near Olympia Washington in the Pacific Northwest.
    Peace Love and Light, Friend and also perfect Shadow Integration!
    ☮️ Laura

    1. Hello Laura and thank you for taking the time to connect and share your story. I also relate to chronic illness and understand the challenges of keeping hopeful and expanding into new experiences when your body doesn’t really want to move with you. I’m glad you are finding the videos supportive and I am so honoured to be able to channel these incredible beings of light. I also appreciate you sharing your connection with the work that I am creating, and I want to suggest a couple things to you:

      1. Go to the majority of my starseed and lightworker centered art is there and you may want to join the mailing list for updates on whatnot and you can find that here:
      2. I created a starseed chat group on the app telegram which is great because it’s private and I vette each person that comes in. So it is a safe space to talk about all the facets of being a star seed, light worker and your Awakening journey:

      Look forward to seeing you there and thanks for reaching out!


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