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 ABOUT Activate your highest potential with art co-created with spirit!

Well hello, Im Tanya!  An artist, healer and teacher living in beautiful BC, Canada. I have two streams of art – the first here are what I call emotional landscapes Created with intention to soothe and heal your nervous system. This healing art is interpretive landscapes and representations of emotional energy. 

With a background as an educator and a healer, all my work is a continuation of my life long drive and need to support others in their healing and awareness of self. I feel very privileged to be able to create this work and it has become a calling as opposed to simply an expression.

My other work is spiritual art channeled with high frequencies to bring through messages of love and support for individuals on their spiritual awakening path. You can find it over at and via my weekly youtube videos

As an artist and joy-filled creator being, I’m fortunate to spend my days  painting, channeling spirit, teaching  and inspiring wonderful people all around the world. 

I hope that you love my art and that it brings you a sense of light, calm and joy filled emotions. 


tanya kucey art